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Does your business offer goods or services to your local area? Buzz Website Solutions can help reach your potential customers.


What is Local SEO

Although, many of our SEO techniques are fairly similar, however, there are clear differences between local SEO and national SEO.

Local SEO is an effective process where local businesses and markets target their local area and potential customers. For example, you would want to target ‘Roller shutters, Blackpool’ rather than just the search term, ‘roller shutters’.

Local SEO | Roller Shutters Company, Blackpool

or any other type of business you must have an online presence amongst the internet for potential customers to find your services, goods and contact information. If you are not visible on the internet then you are losing business it is simple as that!

We know how daunting the internet life can be, however, we like to take the stress away as our team thrives on the pressure and provide you with a professional service. Simple isn’t always the best to approach to take you may be throwing away potential business. That’s where we come in Buzz Media Solutions helps Blackpool businesses make smart choices about their local search engine optimisation and local search marketing. With our team, we can work one-on-one in three different ways to achieve the local search engine rankings you want so that creates more enquiries and more traffic to your website.

Local Search Engine Optimization of your website

Your website plays an important role in your overall search engine rankings and also local rankings. If your website is failing to rank well our team are ready and waiting to discuss with you how they can create a plan and turn things around and implement them so that your business changes and becomes stronger competitor within the search engines. If you did not have your website designed and built by our team who is a local SEO, then chances are it is lacking hooks that could change how your website is seen. Our team will look at your site and may require making slight adjustments or maybe significant improvements to optimise your website. Don’t have a website yet? Do not panic have a look at our Local Business website design packages.

Local Search Marketing

Local SEO consultation

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